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Dr Ben's Evictor Best Yet is also an Organic Miticide That Will Kill Mites On Humans, Dogs And Cats and Kill Mites attacking Your Home. Get Rid Of Skin Mites, Itch Mites and other types Of Mites With Our Natural Miticide, A Non Toxic, Highly Effective Mite Killer.

Sadly, people who suspect they have human mite infestation are routinely brushed off by the medical community as "crazy". (Parasitic psychosis)  It is well known that individuals describing the torment and horror of oozing skin lesions, sensations of bugs biting and crawling under their skin is not a delusion, rather the attack of a microscopic "mite parasite".

The inventor Dr. Ben Oldag's Discussion on Mites on Humans, Dogs, and Cats...

"Because they are both surface and airborne, mites are a difficult parasite to understand and control, especially when dealing with a mites on human case.  Obviously, as you may or may not know, there are numerous species of mites. Some humans, dogs and cats are bothered by them and some fortunately are not. I do not claim to be an expert on each and every type of mite inhabiting planet Earth, but have over the years been exposed to a variety of dilemmas created by mites on human cases and observed that our organic miticide cedar formulation will get rid of skin mites and kill a long list of mite types, naturally." 

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My first exposure to the microscopic world of mites was when I was under contract to the Texas Department of Agriculture.  Mites are very common in the Poultry Industry and cause much damage to certain ranchers.  My tenure with the TDA passed without any solution to the problem.  It was not until I joined the staff at Cedar Oil company that I was able to feel I had made some progress.  Working with the US Department of Agriculture in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and stationed at the KIKA DE LA GARZA SUBTROPICAL RESEARCH CENTER, I was instrumental in the formulation of a Cedar Oil product used to control the Citrus Rust Mite.  We had run the gamut of chemical formulas including sulfur, and never did surface a control agent of any value. What we did find at the end of the day was that modified cedar oil provided a 100% mortality in the rascals, when applied to the citrus fruit at adolescent stage using an aqueous solution. This was a mammoth breakthrough for the agriculture industry. Unfortunately, treatment of other mite types, other than outside, no-see-um's, was not as successful using water based formulations. 

It was not until we formulated Dr Ben's Evictor for the US Army that we again appeared to be making further progress in mite control.  Our objective was to create a Bio Flea, Tick, Bed Bug, Lice and Mite Control Agent for the parasite issues being experienced by our troops deployed to the Mid East.  Here again, the chemicals being used were not only ineffective, they were politically incorrect, dangerous and very carcinogenic, often causing skin rash, nausea and blurred vision. Furthermore, the chemicals were no longer effective as the insects were immune to the substance. After extensive research we came up with a carrier composed of Hydrated Silica. (Melted quartz rock) Because the composure of the hydrated Silica molecule, a compound that enjoys multiple tails, it was possible to attach the cedar oil molecule to the carrier and subsequently we were able to deliver the cedar oil solution Dr Ben's Evictor control solution in humidity size droplets to the mite population. Cedar Oil as the active appears to be the magic needed to get mite populations under control because we were able to get down on their size with the delivery technique.

Daily applications of  our Cedar Oil Formulary to the body appear to be extremely effective and is 100% safe. The formulation is limited to penetration of the epidermal layer of skin and will not migrate into the blood stream to cause nausea. (If  you have sensitive skin, do a patch test first.)

CedarOilCentral.Com makes no explicit guarantees as to results of Dr Ben's Evictor in mite control, but will relate to you that after years of on-going field experience and testing, it appears that the Cedar Oil based miticide  is one of very few Mite control products that will kill mites of many varieties without poisoning you, your kids, pets or household with dangerous neuro-toxic chemicals. Fogging with the miticide  has brought relief to hundreds of folks troubled by mite infestations. I suggest the same treatment would benefit you. We do not have all of the answers, but I feel we are getting closer to having the majority of them. 
Since it is impossible to identify all of the different species of mites, it is somewhat difficult to make claims of 100% control. Having said that, we will continue ongoing  experiments with (to give feedback from) our customers and pass the anecdotal findings on to everyone.

Contrary to the belief of most PCO and Exterminator technicians, the Collembola is not an insect but a hexapod. Hexapods are the predecessor to our current array of insects.  They survived the Ice Age and are a very tenacious pest. Chemical formulations have zero effect on the hexapod. It is impossible to eradicate the Collembola with the most toxic of all synthetic chemicals.  Only biological solutions in very low molecular weight like Dr Ben's  Evictor Cedar Oil solution  are capable of Collembola eradication. This must be done with the use of fumigation or fogging. Crowding is the terminology that best describes this ULV Fogging technology. Go to our Cedar Oil Store and click on Watch Videos and view " How To Use the ULV Fogger". 
As to the comprehensive testing done by Iowa State for the USDA, the results will not be released until the commentary and objection period has been concluded.  My understanding is that published data will be forthcoming by mid 2010, subject to the objections of the Chemical Companies that consistently insist on lobbying against Chemical Free and Biological products. I can only pass on to you the statistical results that I received verbally and those that are obviously confirmed anecdotally by users of the product. Of the 30 Chemical and Non Chemical products tested, only Dr Ben's Cedar Oil Formulation has enjoyed a 100% mortality rate.  Second in place was Methyl Bromide, a very toxic chemical substance and it produced only a 19% mortality rating.  All others were below 10%.

Important First Step-Locate The Source of the Mites..

Scrutinize your surroundings, look around you home and home front, make a common sense investigative as to where did they come from? Find the source of the mite infestation. Folks with pets can start there, however, many people report mite infestations even though they do not have pets. Locating and removing the source is a solid first step to return to a mite-free world. Is there an empty bird nest close to the house, seen any dead rodents? Have you feed or touched any creature that might be suspect. Have you recently been in touch with an animal or taken in a stray? Do you have a pack of feral cats nearby or lots of squirrels or other creatures near your home or have you been around somebody who has? Do you have a leak in your home creating moisture that attracts the mite or Collembola population. Both Collembola and Mite control requires treating your environment at the same time you are treating yourself meaning, daily topical skin treatment with Dr Ben's Cedar Oil, and in many cases treating and boosting your own immune system defenses. Thus identifying the source is prudent, why spend the energy treating yourself and your living space, only to be re-infected by the original source? 

Be sure to check all mite host possibilities including contact with feral cats, pigeons, squirrels, dead rodents, empty bird nests etc.


Medical Best Practice: Get Rid of Skin Mites, Mites on Humans-Fog With The Organic Miticide, Dr Ben's Evictor,

Cedar Oil's recommended treatment protocol is adopted from continued field experience treating mites and Collembola. Since mites are both surface and airborne parasites, all Cedar Oil Central's best practice mite and Collembola treatment protocols require a Cedar Oil Central Fogger to eradicate the population.

**Repeated Fogging Required.

Repeated mite fogging treatment is required, plan on fogging your entire home 3 to 5 times at 72 hours intervals in symphony with continued self treatments. Fogging must be thorough including attic, garage, crawl spaces, heating duct work and include vehicles. Set Fogger VMD dial to medium for Mite fogging, set to low when fogging clothing or fine linens. A gallon of  Dr Ben's Evictor  will cover approximately 1,500 square feet fogging at a medium level, be sure you purchase sufficient product to get the job done.

We suggest you will need our ULV (Ultra Low Volume Fogger), enough Dr Ben's Evictor to treat the inside of your home,  a quart of PCO CHOICE concentrate along with a hose end applicator for outdoor Mite and Collembola treatment for yard, including trees, landscaping and exterior of house. Also use PCO CHOICE as a mite killing laundry agent when washing bedding and clothing during treatment.  Be sure to treat yourself too daily. 
Since both mite and/or Collembola control will require multiple treatments and each gallon of Dr Ben's Evictor miticide will cover approximately 1,500 square feet, its a good idea to calculate how much solution will be needed. Purchasing sufficient product now will save you additional shipping later.

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